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Ariel Escobar

Ariel Escobar
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Calcium in cardiac cellular signaling and techniques to study cardiac cells in vivo

The Escobar laboratory has been involved in the development of new optical, spectroscopic and electrophysiological techniques for studying key aspects of striated muscle physiology. Some of these techniques, flash laser imaging and confocal spot detection, made it possible to define the spatial pattern of second messenger (i.e. Ca2+) distribution in striated muscle. In addition, along my career as an independent PI I have been interested in studying the relationship between electrical excitability and Ca2+ dynamics on intact beating hearts. Recently, my laboratory developed state-of-the-art techniques called Loose Patch Photolysis and Florescence Local Field Optical Mapping that allows the measurements of Ionic Currents and Ca2+ spatial distribution in the intact heart. 

Selected Publications: