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Bioengineering faculty, students and researchers have access to some of the newest technology and equipment available.

Computational Biology Facilities

  • 32-processor Opteron Linux Cluster with Gigibit Ethernet interconnect switch

  • Chemical simulation packages including Gaussian, AMBER, and CHARMM


  • 16 capillary ABI 3130XL sequencer

  • Agilent bioanalyzer

  • Nanodrop

  • Real-time thermal cyclers

  • High-speed centrifuges

  • Digital imaging systems for visualization of DNA and protein gels

  • Microarray Core Facility (planned)


  • Fluorescence Microscopes with digital cameras

  • Electron Microscopy Core Facility (includes scanning and transmission electron microscopy)

  • Confocal Microscope

  • Microtome, Cryostat, Paraffin Embedding Station

Hormone and other biochemical analyses

  • Gamma counter for 125I RIA and other gamma-radionuclide emission protocols

  • Multi-functional plate analyzer capable of absorbance, fluorescence, fluorescence polarization, and luminescence

  • Hitachi autoanalyzer capable of over 100 biochemical analyses from serum/plasma, urine and media including electrolytes, glucose, lipids, total protein, host of enzymes, creatinine, and urea

Flow Cytometry

  • Becton Dickinson FACSAria High Speed Cell Sorter with ACDU option to allow for sorting into plates or slides

  • Guava Technologies EasyCyte Flow Cytometry Analyzer

  • BD LSR II System: Four-laser, 18-color benchtop flow cytometer


  • Mass spectrometer

  • MNR


  • For conscious, continuous and unrestrained cardiovascular monitoring of small animals

Stem Cell Instrumentation Foundry

Small Animal Facility

  • Rodent housing for both conventional and isolation cage units

  • Cesium Irradiator