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Core Faculty

Professor Eva de Alba
Associate Professor


Ariel Escobar
Professor Emeritus

Calcium in cardiac cellular signaling and techniques to study cardiac cells in vivo...

Bioengineering professor Hirosha Geekiyanage
Assistant Professor
BSP 379

MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are endogenous small RNAs of 21–22 nucleotides with a significant role in...

Arvind Gopinath
Associate Professor

Mechanobiology, structural biology and biochemical aspects of single-cell and collective...

Victor Muñoz

Protein biophysics, engineering and design, protein folding, biosensors, design of...

Joel Spencer
Associate Professor and Graduate Group Chair

Biomedical Optics, Intravital Imaging and Sensing, Tissue Regeneration, Transplantation...

Anand Subramaniam
Associate Professor and Bioe Department Chair

Colloidal, polymeric and biologically active interfaces for design of biomimetic...

Affiliated Faculty

Engineering Professor Yue "Jessica" Wang
Assistant Professor
Roberto Andresen Eguiluz
Andresen Eguiluz
  • Biolubrication
  • Mechanobiology
  • Adhesion of biological, biologically...
Professor and Dept Chair (BioE) Wei-Chun Chin

Polymer physics and engineering of cellular and environmental systems


Michael E Colvin

Molecular simulations of semi-structured biomolecular systems, including intrinsically...

Bioengineering Professor Changqing Li

Biomedical imaging methods for cancer and drug delivery

Changqing Li’s...

Jennifer Lu
SE2 280

We integrate our proficiency in controlled inorganic nanomaterial synthesis, interface...

Kara McCloskey

Tissue engineering is a sub/cross discipline that focuses on the design, development and...

Stephanie Woo
Assistant Professor

Endoderm development and epithelial morphogenesis in zebrafish.