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Program Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Bioengineering program at UC Merced will possess:

  1. Are able to identify significant research questions in Bioengineering, and contextualize their research in the current literature of the field.

  2. Are able to apply their knowledge of mathematics, physical and life sciences, and engineering to solve a problem, and to design and implement a suitable solution.

  3. Are able to design and conduct experiments and/or simulations of biological systems, and to analyze and evaluate solutions in the context of existing technologies.

  4. Have lifelong learning skills; are able to acquire and use new engineering techniques, skills, and tools for research and development in Bioengineering, and to develop new methods and discover new knowledge.

  5. Exhibit high professional standards in research, demonstrating objectivity, ethical conduct, and integrity.

  6. Are able to communicate effectively through oral, visual, and written means, with a broad range of technical audiences.