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Victor Muñoz

Victor Muñoz
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Research Interests: 

Protein biophysics, engineering and design, protein folding, biosensors, design of allosteric macromolecular assemblies, single-molecule spectroscopy

The Muñoz group’s research interests are on the areas of biophysics, structural/computational biology and synthetic molecular biology. Within this broad area we investigate the conformational and functional behavior of proteins (how they fold, bind, and function) with the combined goals of deciphering their mechanisms of operation and understanding their general design principles towards developing exciting engineering applications in the emerging field of bionanotechnology such as biosensors and smart drug delivery systems.

Selected Publications:

Google Scholar:

  • L. Sborgi, A. Verma , S. Piana , K. Lindorff-Larsen, M. Cerminara, C.M. Santiveri , D.E. Shaw , E. de Alba, V. Muñoz (2015)  Interaction networks in protein folding via atomic-resolution experiments and long-time-scale molecular dynamics simulations. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 137:6506-6516.
  • J. Schönfelder, R. Perez-Jimenez & V. Muñoz (2016) A Simple Two-State Protein Unfolds Mechanically via Multiple Heterogeneous Pathways at Single-Molecule Resolution. Nature Comms. 7: 11777.
  • X. Chu and V. Muñoz (2017) Interplay between downhill folding and conformational disorder modulates DNA recognition of DNA binding domains. Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 19: 28527-28539.